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About the Archive

Birmingham ePrints : What it is and what it does for you.

The University of Birmingham ePrints Service is a freely available online service developed to host the full-text of published research material produced by members of the University.It is part of the University of Birmingham Research Archive. The material in the archive is available to be browsed, searched, read or printed by anyone interested in its content.

Benefits for you as a researcher.

  • Your research is available more widely - to academics and others, worldwide
  • If your research funding conditions require open access to the findings of the research project, this is one way of complying with that requirement
  • It speeds up research sharing through new ways of locating and accessing academic papers
  • It helps free research output from access barriers and tolls
  • Your research is stored in a secure central, searchable space, in perpetuity
  • Easy access to your papers for students and research partners
  • Access to similar repositories worldwide. See the Sherpa web-site http://www.sherpa.ac.uk/archives.html for links to other services.

Note: The ePrints Service is not a substitute for formal publication in peer-reviewed journals. The ePrints Service has been developed to host material that has already been published: the majority of journals now allow this and there is further guidance on publishers. copyright agreements in our deposit guide.

Additional Services

A repository for eTheses has been developed alongside the ePrints service, and is part of the national Ethos project. There is also a repository for ePapers (Working Papers and grey literature). Both of these are also accessible from http://ubira.bham.ac.uk.

 How to deposit

a) Mediated deposit by email: Send details of the publications you would like to deposit to ubira@lists.bham.ac.uk Information Services staff will then establish if the copyright agreements applicable to your papers permit them to be added to the service

b) Self archiving : Register and follow the online instructions to upload the full text of your publications.

For further information about the ePrints Service please contact your Academic Support contact in Library Services at http://www.library.bham.ac.uk/searching/subjectsupport/

ePrints developed at the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, England.

University of Southampton School of Electronics and Computer Science