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Adie, James W and Duda, Joan L and Ntoumanis, Nikos (2010) Achievement Goals, Competition Appraisals, and the Well- and Ill-Being of Elite Youth Soccer Players Over Two Competitive Seasons. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 32. pp. 555-579. ISSN 0895-2779

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Arthur, James and Davison, Jon and See, Beng Huat and Knowles, Catherine (2010) Character in Transition - Consistency in Values: The Transition from Primary to Secondary School. Project Report. University of Birmingham, Birmingham.

Arthur, James and Powell, Sacha and Lin, Hsing-Chiung (2010) Foundations of Character - Developing Character and Values in the Early Years. Project Report. University of Birmingham, Birmingham.

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Amrit, Francis R G and Boehnisch, Claudia M. L. and May, Robin C. (2010) Phenotypic covariance of longevity, immunity and stress resistance in the Caenorhabditis nematodes. PloS Journal. (Submitted)


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Balanos, George M. and Phillips, Anna C. and Frenneaux, Michael P. and McIntyre, David and Lykidis, Christos and Griffin, Harry S. and Carroll, Douglas (2010) Metabolically exaggerated cardiac reactions to acute psychological stress: The effects of resting blood pressure status and possible underlying mechanisms. Biological Psychology, 85 (1). pp. 104-111. ISSN 03010511

Brealey, Stephen and Andronis, Lazaros and Dennis, Laura and Atwell, Christine and Bryan, Stirling and Coulton, Simon and Cox, Helen and Cross, Ben and Fylan, Fiona and Garratt, Andrew and Gilbert, Fiona and Gillan, Maureen and Hendry, Maggie and Hood, Kerenza and Houston, Helen and King, David and Morton, Veronica and Robling, Michael and Russell, Ian and Wilkinson, Clare (2010) Participants' preference for type of leaflet used to feed back the results of a randomised trial: a survey. Trials, 11 (1). p. 116. ISSN 1745-6215

Brogna, Saverjo and Wen, Jikai (2010) Splicing-dependent NMD does not require the EJC in Schizosaccharomyces pombe. The EMBO Journal, 29 (9). pp. 1537-1551.

Bartholomew, Kimberley and Ntoumanis, Nikos and Thøgersen-Ntoumani, Cecilie (2010) The Controlling Interpersonal Style in a Coaching Context: Development and Initial Validation of a Psychometric Scale. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 32. pp. 193-21. ISSN 0895-2779

Broome, André (2010) The Joint Vienna Institute. New Political Economy, 15 (4). pp. 609-624. ISSN 1356-3467

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Bowl, Marion (2010) University continuing education in a neoliberal landscape: developments in England and Aotearoa New Zealand. International Journal of Lifelong Education, 29 (6). pp. 723-738. ISSN 0260-1370


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Crompton, Danielle and Rehal, Pauline K and MacPherson, Lesley and Foster, Kathleen and Lunt, Peter and Hughes, Imelda and Brady, Angela F and Pike, Michael G and De Gressi, Susanna and Morgan, Neil V and Hardy, Carol and Smith, Matthew and McDonald, Fiona and Maher, Eamonn R and Kurian, Manju A (2010) Multiplex ligation-dependent probe amplification (MLPA) analysis is an effective tool for the detection of novel intragenic PLA2G6 mutations: Implications for molecular diagnosis. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, 100. pp. 207-212.

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Edmunds, Jemma and Duda, Joan L and Ntoumanis, Nikos (2010) Psychological needs and the prediction of exercise-related cognitions and affect among an ethnically diverse cohort of adult women. International Journal of Sport and Psychology, 8 (4). pp. 446-463.


Flanagan, Sarah M and Hancock, Beverley (2010) 'Reaching the hard to reach' - lessons learned from the VCS (voluntary and community Sector). A qualitative study. BMC Health Services Research, 10 (1). p. 92. ISSN 1472-6963

Fletcher, Nicola F and Yang, Jian Ping and Farquhar, Michelle J and Hu, Ke and Davis, Christopher and He, Qiuchen and Dowd, Kimberly and Ray, Stuart C and Krieger, Sophie E and Neyts, Johan and Baumert, Thomas F and Balfe, Peter and McKeating, Jane A and Wong-Staal, Flossie (2010) Hepatitis C virus infection of neuroepithelioma cell lines. Gastroenterology, 139 (4). pp. 1365-74. ISSN 1528-0012

Fofana, Isabel and Krieger, Sophie E and Grunert, Fritz and Glauben, Sandra and Xiao, Fei and Fafi-Kremer, Samira and Soulier, Eric and Royer, Cathy and Thumann, Christine and Mee, Christopher J and McKeating, Jane A and Dragic, Tatjana and Pessaux, Patrick and Stoll-Keller, Francoise and Schuster, Catherine and Thompson, John and Baumert, Thomas F (2010) Monoclonal anti-claudin 1 antibodies prevent hepatitis C virus infection of primary human hepatocytes. Gastroenterology, 139 (3). 953-64, 964.e1. ISSN 1528-0012

Fletcher, Kate and Mant, Jonathan and McManus, Richard and Campbell, Sarah and Betts, Jonathan and Taylor, Clare and Virdee, Satnam and Jowett, Sue and Martin, Una and Greenfield, Sheila and Ford, Gary and Freemantle, Nick and Hobbs, FD Richard (2010) Protocol for Past BP: a randomised controlled trial of different blood pressure targets for people with a history of stroke of transient ischaemic attack (TIA) in primary care. BMC Cardiovascular Disorders, 10 (1). p. 37. ISSN 1471-2261

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